Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose to open RAW on Monday is reporting that Dean Ambrose will open RAW on Monday night in Nashville.

Already announced for the show is Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe in a No. 1 Contenders match with the winner advancing to SummerSlam to face Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship. Kurt Angle will also expose his “controversy” to the world. will have live RAW coverage on Monday night starting at 8:00 p.m. ET.

WWE looks at Shield reunion

WWE has posted a video hinting at a possible Shield reunion.


  1. Yeah, the ovation will last about 2 or 3 shows. Three guys that peaked and now have tanked, even though they are trying to convince us they are still on the top tier of the talent there, the fact is Rollins got ‘zigglered’ after his injury in 2015, Reigns needs to be himself, because he is a wrestler not an actor and Ambrose was given advice by Austin to get his own thing happening and don’t try to be another Stone Cold, to which he isn’t a clone of him but he tries to be funny and sometimes he is, but Big E is funnier than him.

    Rollins – Turn heel
    Reigns – Give him bullet points and let him be himself.
    Ambrose – Heel turn with the conscience of Kevin Sullivan, the Sheik and New Jack.

    Then things might be interesting. A Shield reunion seems like a ploy to tighten the sagging careers of all 3 and if it happens it will reek of desperation.

  2. “Dean Ambrose comments on the Shield reunion we’re dying to see.”
    “We,” Dean? As Jesse Ventura used to say, You got a frog in your pocket? Speak for yourselves, man. And I think I do speak for most when I say we don’t give a sh*t about this supposed Kurt Angle controversy the WWE creative idiots have cooked up, whatever half-assed idea it likely is.

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