McMahon campaign, stocks, Mania

– Brian Lockhart, Investigative Reporter for The Greenwich Time newspaper ran a long story on Linda McMahon and the investigation of the use of drugs in the world of professional wrestling. The story – now published online
over 8 pages – looks at how the White House and Congress “dropped the ball” when it came to their investigation of steroids that eventually allowed the former WWE CEO Linda McMahon to run for Senate. You can read the interesting story. (thanks to Colin Vassallo)

– From Mike Informer: Melita Sports and WWE? renew broadcast partnership

– WWE stocks finished Monday up almost 2.3%, trading at $17.44 a share.

– Music legend Paul McCartney will be playing at the Jobing Arena, next door to Phoenix Stadium, following the conclusion of Wrestlemania 26 on Match 26. You would assume WWE would at least make a play to have him make an appearance. (credit: The Wrestling Globe Newsletter)