Jim Ross posted the following on Saturday on his official blog:

“Another thing that I would like feedback on is this…..IF I decided to take a selection of some of the blogs, there have been tons of them since we started this site, and the most unique Q&A’s we have received and answered, would there be a market for them in paperback book form sold exclusively on this site and in J.R.’s Family BBQ in Norman?

This would be a paperback book with some personal photos of my 30+ years in the business and would allow fans to read some hand picked blogs on a variety of subjects. Plus, we would select a large grouping of questions and comments sent to our site that would, hopefully, be both entertaining and informative.

I see this proposed book selling for under for $10 and I could even autograph them if that added value. This would NOT be a J.R.’s “official” biography which would be a much more extensive project and would come at a later date IF I decide to author such.

If you have any thoughts yeah or nay on this matter please send us your feedback and suggestions. Thanks.”

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