John Cena

Khal of is featuring an interview with WWE star John Cena where he talks about returning to WWE television recently as a free agent, why he’s aware his days are numbered turning 40 recently and why he returns following movie and TV projects.

On returning to WWE as a free agent in earlier this month:

“The reason that I wanted to be a free agent and the reason they kind of granted my request is because I don’t know if I’ll be available for Smackdown specific only or Raw specific only, and I also know that my days are numbered. I just turned 40 in April and we have so many young and talented performers, I don’t know how many years I have left. So in the time I have left, I’m gonna do what I can to dedicate to this company I just want to be able to do it the most time that I possibly can.”

Why he returns to WWE TV following any kind of outside project:

“When you’re a fan, you stay very close to all the programming and all the broadcasts, there’s no dipping around the fact that I haven’t been on the program in a while because I’ve been doing other stuff. I haven’t danced around it, I explained that the reason I cannot be on the program is because the movie folks, their insurance doesn’t allow you to. That’s a dealbreaker, it’s not negotiable. But instead of laying low for a few months before I start another project, the second that I wrapped, I scurried on a plane and got right back into the WWE fold. I guess that’s what I mean by all-timer. I think it’s imperative to be home with what I call my family and when I have any time available I will bring it into a WWE ring. I will work nonstop. I won’t just [say], “okay I’ve made it out of the WWE,” which is what a lot of folks aspire to do they want to go onto something bigger and better when I think the WWE is the biggest and the best.”