WWE schedule

WWE schedule from 7/21-7/27

Here is the upcoming WWE schedule from July 21 to July 27, 2017.

* NXT live event in Daytona Beach, Florida tonight (July 21)
* WWE live event in Fayetteville, North Carolina tonight (July 21)
* NXT live event in Tampa, Florida on Saturday (July 22)
* WWE live event in Wildwood, New Jersey on Saturday (July 22)
* WWE live event in Hampton, Virginia on Saturday (July 22)
* Battleground PPV live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Sunday (July 23)
* WWE live event in Salisbury, Maryland on Sunday (July 23)
* Monday Night RAW live in Washington, DC on Monday (July 24)
* WWE live event in Newark, Delaware on Monday (July 24)
* Smackdown Live tapings in Richmond, Virginia on Tuesday (July 25)
* NXT live event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Thursday (July 27)

As always, if you are attending any events live we are seeking live reports.

Send all live reports to AdamMartin@wrestleview.com.

Jinder Mahal talks Punjabi Prison return

Josh Barnett of USA Today is featuring an interview with WWE Champion Jinder Mahal where he talks about the return of the Punjabi Prison match at the WWE Battleground PPV this Sunday in Philadelphia when he defends his title against Randy Orton.

“I would say it’s the most dangerous match in the history of WWE. I’ve seen Hell in a Cell; I’ve seen the Elimination Chamber. This trumps them all. This match is made for beasts and that is exactly what Randy and I have to become. I’m sure we won’t disappoint. We’re going to steal the show. … The risk is high and so is the reward, because the reward is the WWE championship.”

Mahal also talked about what it took to remain as WWE Champion.

“I knew what being the champion means. When you’re WWE champion, you’re on 24/7. You have to do media, you have to do appearances. You’re recognized everywhere you go. On a nightly basis, you have to perform on a main event level. That’s what it takes to be WWE champion and that’s what it takes to stay WWE champion. I want to do all these things because I want to be the face of the company. I want to (be) the man, the man that people pay to see, the man that main events pay-per-views.”


  1. I hope they keep their promise to steal the show. Unlike the promises we were given about Bray and Orton at Mania

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