Jeff Hardy comments on WWE status

There are some within WWE creative that are getting the impression that Jeff Hardy’s last show with WWE until he takes a break will be at The Bash PPV on June 28 reports The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Depsite this impression, there have been ideas booked for SummerSlam using Hardy. Many still believe he eventually intends to leave and take some time off, but when that will be is anyone’s guess at this point. The Bash date was given to those in creative as a back up plan incase he does leave so they would be ready with other plans. If he stays they would obviously have plans ready to go for SummerSlam.

Chris Kelly passed on an article from The Sun in the UK quoting Hardy from a recent radio appearance on Danny Salas’ radio show on 94.9FM in California where he addressed his status with WWE. Hardy added, “There is nothing concrete. I know there are rumours out there about me, but we haven’t decided yet. Time will tell. Don’t believe anything you hear but there is a very good chance of me re-signing, so we’ll see.”

Gary Cantrell also sent us this recap from a recent radio appearance by Hardy where he addresses the release of Mr. Kennedy from WWE last week:

Jeff Hardy appeared on the Big O and Dukes show this morning which airs from 10am-3pm on 106.7 FM in Washington DC and on When asked about the release of Ken Anderson (Ken Kennedy), Jeff said, “It was really sad, you know? I think he’s a real talented guy. I don’t know if it was the right move, but we’ll see.” He also mentioned that Ken was a guy that he had worked with and traveled with quite a bit and that he was extremely shocked to find out about his release but said he’ll be just fine and wished him the best of luck. One of the hosts, Chad Dukes went on to ask Jeff how weird it is to find out about a release and Jeff replied, “Theres been alot of releases, alot of friends that are getting released just out of nowhere. You gotta deal with it, move on and just know to yourself that its not the end of the world and that theres other things out there.” In the interview Jeff also talks about feuding with brother Matt, his move set, other interests and more. You can download this interview at and on iTunes under Big O and Dukes.