Elias Samson

Name change for Elias Samson

It appears former NXT and now RAW star Elias Samson has undergone a name change.

WWE.com is now simply listing Elias Samson as only “Elias” as of today.

John Cena signs 25,000 autographs

WWE.com has a posted a video clip of John Cena signing 25,000 photos for the upcoming WWE 2K18 “Cena Nuff” edition of the video game.

Cena notes in the clip he was able to sign around 1,000 photos every half hour.

You can check out the full video below.


  1. What the hell is it with dropping first or last names? Only HUGE stars like Madonna and Cher can carry one name, The guys and gals who get the first name dropped, are ok, but when they drop the surname, it makes them sound like orphans. If you are going to give say Elias for example, just one name call him Electro or Enduro, at last one made up descriptive name is better than just a first name, If you didn’t know your neighbours last name and he didn’t want to tell you, you really can’t connect, Sheamus is a good first name as a gimmick. Imagine if the called John Cena, just Cena and never acknowledged his first name, or just Reigns or just Seth, or just Ambrose. Just wait I get the feeling Braun Snowcone won’t have his surname for much longer.

  2. At 1,000 photos every 1/2 hour that means signing 25,000 autographs took over 12 hours/over half a day. Impressive! That’s a hell of a day’s work even if it was only writing his name over & over again. Respect to Cena.

  3. You know I think people are catching on, the ‘John Cena sucks’ song they sing when he enters and booing him (that has dropped heaps) I am feeling is the same sort of term of endearment as ‘You suck’ is given to Kurt Angle. I hate when he tries to be funny in promos and is terrible at pretending that his scripted stuff is ad lib. But that being said, besides the fact he has all the hallmarks of a sociopath, he has been loyal to the fans and the company and this is an example of it. But the most I admire him for is not getting bullied in to turning heel, I still think when he is just about out of steam he will turn a’la Hogan, but he wont go out that way.

  4. you should know that john cena is the only one these days that speaks freely…most his stuff isnt scripted

  5. that’s 1000/30 mins, ie 2 secs per auto ~ guessing his auto’s just one of those vague scribbles?

  6. Probably but that’s still a hell of a day’s work. Even for his big arm muscles that can’t be easy signing that many autographs in one day. And aren’t most celebrity’s autographs just vague scribbles?

  7. Do some research. I’ve known enough of them to know the signs, I doubt he is but he would tick a lot of boxes.

  8. Haha, Jesus, I kind of did know that, but I was being delusional as to do him a favor cos his promos are pretty stinky.

  9. Speaking of Cena, will there ever be a time when he gets a name change and is simply known as John?

  10. Sting
    Big E

    What a bunch of forgettable nobodies. They really needed longer names. 😉

  11. Your smartness is foolish. Not talking about the Haku’s and Mankinds, I’m talking about someone renaming you Thompson, dropping the Mat. There is a difference between being given a gimmick one name and having a full normal name and dropping either the first or surname. Haha. But good try tiger.

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