WWE cancels another online show

WWE personality Cathy Kelly posted the following on Twitter on Wednesday, announcing that WWE has canceled the weekly NXT Insider online YouTube show.


This comes off the heels of WWE cancelling the weekly Talking Smack WWE Network show, as well as Renee Young’s Unfiltered show, along with putting on ice plans for a second season of Edge and Christian’s WWE Network show as part of cost-cutting measures. NXT Insider aired for a little over a month every Wednesday afternoon on YouTube as a preview for that day’s episode of NXT.

Post-8/9 WWE NXT videos

WWE posted the following videos after last night’s 8/9 episode of WWE NXT.


  1. Doesn’t make much sense to me to reduce content. I cancelled my subscription a couple of months ago because I realised I only watched NXT anymore, and even then rarely. I might pick it up again for Brooklyn III or Summerslam, bit I’d probably drop it again right after.

  2. The focus is all over the place with the network, plus that its programming lacks the ‘structure’ a normal tv network has. Too many side-acts and freakshows that don’t appeal to the wrestling fans (they are most of all interested in pure wrestling stuff plus those specials about their favorite wrestlers – and perhaps they should add more ‘serious’ analyses (what you see with real competition sports like NFL/NBA/UFC) after the shows and not the bullshit they show now.
    And non-wrestling fans you are not going to draw anyway with the current programming.
    Still, 10 bucks for the 3 current shows, so much wrestling archive content + PPVs is solid bang for your buck imo… but you need to be a wrestling fan otherwise it just isn’t enough to justify that money.

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