WWE schedule

8/11-8/17 WWE schedule

The following is the WWE schedule of live events from August 11 to August 17.

* 8/11 NXT live event in Jacksonville, Florida
* 8/11 NXT live event in San Jose, California
* 8/11 live event in Bangor, Maine
* 8/12 NXT live event in Venice, Florida
* 8/12 NXT live event in Sacramento, California
* 8/12 live event in Tampa, Florida
* 8/12 live event in Augusta, Maine
* 8/13 live event in Miami, Florida
* 8/13 live event in Worcester, Massachusetts
* 8/14 RAW/Main Event TV Tapings in Boston, Massachusetts
* 8/15 Smackdown/205 Live TV Tapings in Providence, Rhode Island

You can send live reports from these shows to either AdamMartin@wrestleview.com or Jason@wrestleview.com.

Nikki Bella teases appearing at Summerslam

WWE star Nikki Bella tweeted the following earlier this week, teasing an appearance at the Summerslam PPV on August 20 in Brooklyn to sit at ringside for the John Cena-Baron Corbin match.

Nikki took a hiatus from WWE after the Wrestlemania 33 PPV to deal with nagging injuries with her neck.