Daniel Bryan

During an appearance on Edge and Christian’s podcast (E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness), Daniel Bryan spoke at length about undergoing testing last year regarding the multiple concussions he had been suffering and the advice he was given from doctors.

Bryan noted that after being cleared by a series of doctors, one specific test revealed a small subacute or chronic “lesion” in his temporal region in the part of the brain that causes seizures. When he revealed this to Vince McMahon, McMahon made the call for Bryan to announce his retirement during an episode of RAW in Seattle in February 2016.

In what Bryan described as a “huge misunderstanding”, the tests revealing he had a lesion in his temporal region was causing, according to the test, slower movement and reflexes for an athlete. According to a Bryan, one of the doctors that had cleared him saw his retirement announcement and asked what happened. When Bryan revealed to him one of the tests showing the lesion, it was explained to Bryan that the term was very vague in the medical world and didn’t necessarily mean career-ending consequences.

These new comments by Bryan come just a day after his wife, Brie Bella, stated in a recent podcast interview that she felt Bryan was determined to return to the ring and would do so either with WWE or with another wrestling company. She noted that Bryan has been undergoing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and has around 40 treatments across the country recently. Bella seemed quite convinced that it was if, not when, Bryan would return to the ring adding, “…I know for a fact my husband is going to find his way back to the ring.”

Whether this means a full fledged return to the ring for Bryan is 100% possible remains to be seen. Bryan noted during the podcast that the recent therapy has been helping and that even more treatments could leave him with the ability to have at, the very least, a part-time schedule as a wrestler in WWE or even outside the company.

You can check out a clip of the podcast uploaded to YouTube below.



  1. Don’t risk it. Money in the bank, kids, wife, respect and good health. Nothing left to prove in the business.

  2. I wouldn’t risk it, but I think if he did, next year heading into Mania would be perfect. I mean it would be the 4 year anniversary of “YessleMania” and the biggest moment of his career. His miracle comeback in the same stadium would make for a good story.

    But if it were me, I wouldn’t take the risk. I’d bank the money, enjoy being able to run round and play with my kid, and of course have a great life with my beautiful wife. Best wishes to him either way.

  3. I think he’ll come back to the ring & if WWE won’t let him, he’ll go “home” to ROH. I hope to God that if he does come back that it works out & he doesn’t reinjure himself. If the itch is there & I believe he’ll end up scratching it eventually if the doctor’s allow him to.

  4. Randy the Ram syndrome, why wait to make sure your really F…ed up to start taking care of your health? Its not like ya need the money. Would be nice to see these guys and any pro athlete become examples of health care vs go until your so jacked up ya can’t.

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