Asuka is reporting that current NXT Women’s Champion Asuka suffered an injury during this past Saturday’s NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III special.

According to the report, Asuka broke her right collarbone while successfully defending the NXT Women’s Championship against Ember Moon on Saturday night at the Barclays Center. She has not been medically cleared to return to the ring as of now.

The article noted that the typical recovery time for a broken collarbone is around six to eight weeks. Dr. Jefferey Westerfield spoke more in detail with about the injury and attending to her in Brooklyn on Saturday night.

“During the match, she landed awkwardly from a throw from Ember Moon and was able to complete the match, but had notable pain and discomfort. We performed an initial ultrasound backstage that was highly suspicious of a break that was later confirmed by an X-ray.”

Asuka just approached 507 days as NXT Women’s Champion.


  1. They should do like UFC does and crown and interm Champ, then at the next big event, have a unification match. That way she doesn’t have to stop her reign as champ and can rack up more time beyond Punk’s and New Day’s title reigns.

  2. God damn do NOT strip her of the title. She’s been awesome as champ and to end a streak due to injury would just suck

  3. so in an earlier post I said that the Mae Young classic hasn’t been given a title yet like the cruiserweight and UK classics. I said that Asuka would vacate the title out of boredom and move to the main roster and have the title given to the winner of the Mae Young. I mean.. now she can vacate it out of injury and we can have a title match at the finals

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