To follow up on news earlier this week that a story would be running in the Connecticut area regarding Linda McMahon and the investigation of WWE on steroid charges, it turns out the story didn’t run online, but did run in many Hearst papers (Greenwich Times, Danbury News-Times) in the state on Sunday. The main focus of the story was that the White House and Congress dropped the ball on the investigation of steroid use in professional wrestling back in 2007-2008 and called it a “lucky break” for Linda McMahon. It was noted that had the Office of National Drug Control Policy had followed up on it (as requested by Rep. Henry Waxman who did interviews with several WWE and TNA officials), it would have posed a problem for McMahon’s campaign. The general belief is that had a major investigation continued, McMahon more than likely wouldn’t have run. The story itself isn’t expected to change the campaign whatsoever at this point.