Reigns vs Cena

Discussion on Reigns vs. Cena promo

I joined Jonathan Hood on ESPN Chicago 1000 to discuss the Reigns vs Cena promo on RAW this past Monday night, the latest involving Ric Flair and Global Force Wrestling going forward after crowning a new champion in Eli Drake.

You can check out the full segment below courtesy of ESPN Chicago.

Roode vs. Strong on WWE NXT

Advertised for tonight’s WWE NXT is Bobby Roode vs. Roderick Strong.

Also scheduled for tonight is the first appearance by new NXT Champion Drew McIntyre after his was attacked by the debuting Adam Cole two weeks ago at TakeOver. will have a full NXT report later tonight.


  1. I’m a little upset he’s a face. His entrance and song is going to wear on people. He is so much better as a heel. Even in Beer Money he was a great heel and the crowd loved it!

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