Smackdown Live

As announced on last night’s 8/29 Smackdown Live, the following matches are set for next week’s 9/5 Smackdown Live from Lexington:

* WWE Title #1 Contenders Match: Randy Orton vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

* Smackdown Women’s Champion Natalya vs. Carmella

* Smackdown Tag Team Titles: The Usos (c’s) vs. The New Day


  1. If Nakamura wins this match, does it mean he is the greatest wrestler on the roster, beating both cena and orton? Or if orton wins does that mean Cena is the worst?

  2. Yeah but Roman Reigns was #4 over Kenny Omega at #5. I mean say what!? Omega was the 1st westerner ever to win the G1 Climax & won the very 1st IWGP U.S. Title in a another hard-fought tournament. And Reigns had a better year than him why? Because he beat an over the hill Undertaker at WrestleMania where the Streak no longer mattered & had those cartoonish ambulance matches with Braun Strowman? How was Omega not #2 on this list?

    And what about Christopher Daniels winning his very 1st major world title in ROH at age 47? Or Cody Rhodes who wrestled in WWE, TNA/GFW, ROH, & New Japan within one calendar year and beat Daniels for his 1st ROH title? They don’t get top 10 consideration? At least Okada got #1 but still this is why no one respects PWI anymore. They suck WWE’s dick way too much to the point they might as well be WWE Magazine 2 and only grudgingly cover the other promotions. I wonder if they still consider the WWE title to be the “only legitimate world title” even though the ROH & IWGP titles are now defended in other countries?

  3. I was disappointed with WWE showing in the top 10 as well…8 out of 10?? Interesting note of the those I think the only one that came all the way up in WWE is the Miz, validating the lack of recognition for the other promotions. I cant see Reigns or Miz in the top 10 or 30 for that matter. I have always been a Fallen Angel fan, he has never been given his credit due and smart enough to avoid WWE. Don’t care for glorious Roodes re-packaging…very corny and unoriginal, example of Vinces vindictiveness, I mean even the Flair gimmick is not his. Who gets the polka dots next?

  4. Yeah, 8/10. Total WWE ass-kissing bullsh*t. Reigns, Ambrose, & Miz in the top 10 over more deserving guys from other companies pretty much confirms that they’re just more of Vince’s brown-nosers. Daniels & Cody had the best years of their careers and even Tetsuya Naito had a pretty good year more deserving of a top 10 finish. May this relic of an old rag called PWI lose even more readers over this. If they can’t be more impartial when it comes to other promotions then they’ve outlived their usefulness.

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