WWE announced on Monday that they would be broadcasting RAW live for the first time ever on both Christmas and New Year’s night in December and January.

In the past, WWE had run “best of” episodes when the show fell on major holidays. December 25 and January 1 both fall on a Monday this year and next.

WWE added the following.

“This marks the first time that WWE will present Monday night’s hottest show live on the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. These unprecedented broadcasts aim to best serve you, the WWE Universe, during the holiday season.”


  1. Yeah, kinda feel bad for the wrestlers. They’re on the road enough as it is throughout the year. Now they can’t even spend the holidays with their families anymore.

  2. They will either pre-record it or just show best of RAW moments because i doubt they will make wrestlers work on christmas. This will be changed time Christmas comes around plus it’s unfair to the RAW roster

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