WWE’s Joey Styles is not a fan of President Barack Obama. Styles wrote on his Twitter account, “The University of Notre Dame should be ashamed of themselves for having pro-abortion President Obama speak at their graduation.” Styles also added last Sunday, “Even those misled Americans who voted for the Marxist Barack Hussein Obama are invited to join the Judgment Day Live Chat.” Although you wouldn’t need to guess after reading his statements, Styles has always been described as a very far to the right Republican. Styles’ very pro-Matt Striker comments also now seem to make much more sense following an interview he took part in with The Miami Herald recently. It should be noted that Vince McMahon isn’t a big fan of the President privately, but he never would go public with the issue and instead lets Matt Striker (another very conservative/Republican person in WWE) make comments that he normally wouldn’t allow if it was a different politician.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter