Ric Flair

People TV recently interviewed WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair at a rehab facility in Georgia where he continues to recover from multiple organ failures.

The interview notes that doctors were unsure at one point if Flair would ever recover after he was put into a medically induced coma. Flair abusing alcohol during his lengthy wrestling career was among the main topics of discussion with the profile, with Flair noting it was only natural to begin drinking after driving 3,000 miles a week on the road.

“I didn’t think I was an alcoholic, but I obviously was. I never drank when I was working. But as soon as work was over, right to the mill.”

Wendy Barlow, Ric Flair’s fiancé, was interviewed as well when Flair’s personal life was explored including being married four different times and having four children. Barlow talked about the day Flair began complaining about a bad stomach ache and why that ended up being the day that saved his life by going to the hospital.

Barlow, who said she became very concerned about Flair’s “excessive drinking”, expressed this concern to Flair and that he never wanted to talk about it. It was revealed Flair underwent treatment for drinking and that while he didn’t stop, he was “in a better place.” Flair said Wendy tried repeatedly to confront him and he would only get angry about it saying he was an adult and she couldn’t tell him what to do.

Flair noted that the drinking started to get out of control, with Barlow saying Flair became more aggressive in public when he would drink. Barlow also revealed around this same time Flair started complaining about feeling dizzy all the time and that the doctors pinpointed this as the first early signs of Flair having issues with his heart. When Flair went to the hospital, he was admitted to the ICU and he began experiencing organ failure including severe issues with his bowel. This forced the decision to put him in a medically induced coma.

Barlow said when Flair had to be taken in for surgery, doctors told her he only had about a 20% chance of survival and that they also informed his daughter (WWE star Charlotte Flair) that it was wise she come see him because they didn’t think he was going to make it. An emotional Flair said he was never told it was that serious at the time. He is now undergoing physical therapy and was described as having a “long road ahead.” Flair is still unable to walk by himself and requires either a walker or wheelchair to get around right now. Barlow talked about the support she got from the wrestling community and how both Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan stayed in constant contact with her and Flair during the hard time.

Flair vowed during the interview that he will never drink again.

Source: People TV