To follow up on our earlier report, it appears the damage Cesaro suffered at No Mercy on Sunday night with his front teeth was a bit more complicated than originally realized.

WWE.com is reporting that his front teeth were actually pushed up into his upper jaw “by about 3 to 4 mm” according to WWE medical personnel Dr. Daquino.

“The next step is for him to see a maxillofacial surgeon today, most likely removing the teeth and then having some implants made. So hopeful we will have him up and running after Tuesday or so.”

As noted earlier, Cesaro received stitches in his bottom lip as well.


  1. Damn, that sucks. Pound for pound, this guy is the strongest most legit tough guy on the roster. Hope he heals up fast!

  2. Now he has a wrestling war story to share with Mick Foley. Hopefully he’ll get a greater push out of this now like Foley did after his Hell in a Cell ordeal.

  3. Hahaha thanks. Jaw broken into 4 and multiple teeth lost. All rebuilt over a 3 month period. All good now and the subject of many jokes 🙂

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