WWE schedule

Upcoming WWE schedule for 9/28-10/5

Upcoming WWE schedule of live events from September 28 to October 5, 2017.

* 9/28 NXT live event in Jacksonville, Florida
* 9/29 NXT live event in Tampa, Florida
* 9/29 live event in Grand Forks, North Dakota
* 9/30 NXT live event in Cocoa Beach, Florida
* 9/30 live event in Winnipeg, Manitoba
* 9/30 live event in Boise, Idaho
* 10/1 live event in Casper, Wyoming
* 10/1 live event in Spokane, Washington
* 10/2 RAW TV tapings in Denver, Colorado
* 10/2 live event in Pueblo, Colorado
* 10/3 Smackdown and 205 Live TV Tapings in Denver, Colorado
* 10/5 NXT live event in Dade City, Florida

As always, we are seeking live reports if you are attending any of these shows.

Send all live reports to: AdamMartin@wrestleview.com.

Post-9/27 NXT videos

WWE posted the following video after last night’s 9/27 episode of NXT.