Charlotte on Ric Flair health scare

Yahoo Sports sat down with WWE star Charlotte Flair to discuss the health scare involving her father Ric Flair last month and why she knew things were very serious.

You can check it out below courtesy of Yahoo.

Kurt Angle on WWE’s drug testing

Fox Sports Australia is featuring an interview with WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle where he discusses his return to the company and addresses if he is part of the company’s Talent Wellness Policy now that he is back on television.

“I haven’t taken the physical to wrestle but the drug testing — I’m part of that. I’m a talent on TV. Although they don’t treat me as a wrestler, if you’re a talent, you’re involved in everything. You can get drug tested at any point in time.”

Angle was also asked if he expects to return to the ring for WWE.

“I would say I will most likely wrestle. I have not taken a physical yet. I’m basically waiting on the boss. It’s up to Vince McMahon. I would imagine I will. I’d imagine the storyline is going to go somewhere with Jason Jordan, so I’m just being patient and enjoying the general manager job. Hopefully, eventually I’ll get back to wrestling.”


  1. “Although they don’t treat me as a wrestler, if you’re a talent, you’re involved in everything. You can get drug tested at any point in time.”
    Sorry Kurt, not buying it. Oh I’m sure they do drug test you & most everyone else but their preferential treatment of Roid Assner proved over a year ago that WWE’s “wellness program” is a sham. They drug test who they want and look the other way for those on Vince’s personal special list.

  2. Could be true as far as Kurt knows though and he’s generalizing it seems. The word you is quite ambiguous as used here. Doesn’t mean you can’t buy what he’s saying as much as you don’t believe WWE does it with one wrestler who may have a verbal agreement with Vince (which is wrong) that as a part-timer he isn’t subject to the same rules as everyone else. Still, to your point, doesn’t make it right!

  3. But Assner’s 1 year suspension from UFC for his drug violation while still being able to compete at SummerSlam was well-known public information so surely Kurt must know about it. To me, he comes across as a company guy putting over the wellness program that we all now know to be a sham.

  4. Unfortunately…most all wellness or even court based testing programs are full of loop holes. Finding loop holes is based on who can afford to pay for the persons that are adapt at legal law. But I do think that ones own integrity is also on the line…and there is no integrity in looking for loop holes or creating advantages by knowing how to manipulate policies, i.e. wwe says; we are a separate “entertainment company” therefore Lesners issues with athletics isn’t enforced here. It appears to me that all parties involved with these types of manipulations are a Sham…and that it simply is a Sham when greed is the motivator. Nice thread CZ and Colby

  5. Thank you but my problem with this “part time performer” exception to WWE’s “wellness program” isn’t that it’s a loophole; it’s something they just made up on the fly to excuse only Lesnar. WWE may be an entertainment company but the career-threatening injuries the wrestlers get from drugged up part timers is real, like the split skull Lesnar gave to Randy Orton. This tells me that UFC, a real athletic organization, cares more about its fighters & its own integrity than WWE does. As far as WWE goes, its own rules really are a sham when greed is the motivator.

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