James Storm

During a recent conference call with media this past week, James Storm addressed his reasons for not signing a deal with WWE as part of NXT back in 2015 and making a return to Impact in early 2016 when the show moved to Pop TV.

Storm briefly appeared on NXT programming back in October 2015.

“A lot of people say it was money, but it wasn’t. It was a family thing. Hunter told me they’d run 100-125 shows over the next two years. My wife wanted to have another kid, but she had to do shots, and I had to be at home a lot more. It was a decision: do I go and live this crazy of wrestling in the WWE or do I stay home and help my wife have another child that she wants? I decided that my family was what is really important to me.”

Source: Gerweck.net


  1. Well,at least he had a good reason to not stay with them. What I’m trying to figure out is why he left TNA for NXT at the time to begin with. Plus,it would’ve been cool to see him as NXT Champion and go up to the main roster to team up with and/or fued with Bobby Roode at some point,but props to him for thinking about family.

  2. If you followed it when it happened it was noted here and elsewhere that TNA offered him more money than NXT and a tenth of the travel schedule – the money would have been bigger long term if he got to the main roster but his net worth is 5 million (you can google it) and TNA offered him more money and a relaxed schedule AND he gets to spend more time with his family – that’s stupid? Besides, it’s sad if you think money is always more important than family for a person who already has financial freedom. If he wants to go to WWE to become a household name or finish out his career, that’s one thing, but if he wants to spend more time with a family at the most crucial time in his children’s lives (time he can ever get back), rather than take a chance that WWE may or may not use him correctly, and doesn’t feel the need to be in the WWE machine and on the road every day, how is that a bad decision for him? (Oh, and in his recent interviews he noted Hunter left the door open when his next contract comes up if he is ready to be on the road that often) – sounds to me like a very sensible decision.

  3. He obviously did what HE thought was best for himself & his family during that time. WWE wouldn’t have used him properly anyways. On the other side, TNA used him like shit also and moved him down to mid-card. Anyone remember the DCC? Even now, he’s not really a big deal anymore. He hasn’t done anything of importance for years now, when he really should be one of (if not THE) top guy in that useless shit indy promotion called Impact.

  4. You’re calling me wrong with absolutely nothing to back it up. I can post the back-up that his TNA offer was more, less days, etc. – where is your back-up that I’m wrong since you’re calling me wrong? Very little of my comment is opinion whereas your comment is based completely on opinion. Just let me know and I’ll post the links to back his net worth, TNA vs. NXT offer, etc. up – where is your proof that he is stupid? Where you’re probably trolling anyway, guess the conversation doesn’t matter 🙂

  5. I’m sorry. I misunderstood your first post. Good for him. Obviously not stupid, he went with the money.

    I apologize for my last post. As I said, I misunderstood/misread.

  6. Probably left TNA for NXT because getting “the call” to WWE is still a big deal I guess. Like it or not they’re still the gold standard for the wrestling industry even though they don’t act like it lately.

  7. More money plus more time with the family. Good decision then. I guess we’ll always be left wondering what WWE would’ve done with him since they’re doing…ok I guess by AJ, Joe, Roode, & Young and because TN…I mean GF..I mean Impact ain’t doing sh*t with him. Can’t fault him for looking out for himself & his family.

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