Since Monday night, various wrestling media outlets have been reporting that Neville walked out on WWE after hearing plans for RAW this past Monday night in Indianapolis.

While was aware of these reports, attempts to contact WWE regarding his contractual status with the company were not returned as of this writing.

Conflicting reports among the wrestling media almost immediately arose.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter stated that Neville “walked out” on Monday night after being told he would be losing to then WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore in a non-title match. The company then shifted plans to having Kalisto challenge Amore for the title in the main event and ultimately win the championship setting up a rematch for TLC.

In a conflicting report, stated on Thursday that Neville was never at the RAW taping on Monday night or weekend live events as Mustafa Ali took his place at RAW branded events against Amore. WWE officials were reportedly made aware that Neville would not be appearing at the taping and that is when plans changed in favor of Kalisto.

Both wrestling media outlets noted that Neville is either gone or is pushing for a release from the company, freeing him up from his deal to go pursue interests with other wrestling promotions and possibly make a return down the line similar to Drew McIntyre. Either way, WWE has not publicly announced his release and he remains under a deal.


  1. AJ styles is the man, but Neville could be even better in that ring. He believed he was better than the current CW crap they were using him for, and he’s right. . ya’ll I’m riding with Neville.

  2. How does having a huge, overly long title run in a divisions where you are pretty much the best they have end up as not being book correctly? They needed more than just him, so Enzo and KAlisto are perfect for more name recognition. I think he just wanted to be champ forever and only ever wrestle up-an-coming indie guys. Poor Neville. So small, yet already such a huge ego. See you at the conventions with Ryback and Lex Luger.

  3. I love neville but if the reason for walking out is “i don’t want to job” thats crappy as everyone has to job.


  4. He wanted to move beyond the Cruiserweight division but WWE glass ceilinged him. Same reason as Aries left. When you’ve peaked in your division and don’t get to move to another, what’s the point in continuing?

  5. You have no idea what it’s like working for that evil company… they sign wrestlers just to hurt other companies and then they are pushed to the back round, signing with WWE is often a career killer!

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