Jinder Mahal

It was announced on Friday that Jinder Mahal will defend the WWE Championship against Kevin Owens on the December 8 and 9 WWE live events in New Delhi, India.

Mahal, while promoting the WWE return to India, appeared on WWE’s weekly Hindu-language program, Sunday Dhammal, to make the announcement.

WWE announced their return to India for live events last week as RAW-branded events, but with the usage of Mahal this year to tap into the India market, he was added to the tour to play the conquering hero coming back home. The now announced match with Owens will position Mahal into the hometown babyface role, which will be a first for Mahal in his WWE tenure.


  1. I could easily see a double title change happening here. Owens cheats to win (possibly before the tour to India), and Mahal wins it back in India. With a billion people in India it may not be a bad idea!

  2. Any scenario would work, but having Jinder go over big in his country, would bring in huge India market viewers. Just having him “hold and defend” the title in India, would seem like a typical house show finish.

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