WWE Q3 2017

The latest financial figures for WWE Q3 2017 were reported on Thursday morning, including the latest figure for paid WWE Network subscribers and early projections going forward.

Here is a breakdown of the figures provided this morning

* Revenue increased to $186.4 million (14% overall increase).

* Operating income was $33.9 million. Adjusted OIBDA reached $40.4 million in what was an “all-time record quarter” according to WWE.

* As reported earlier, the WWE Network paid subscriber count now sits at 1.52 million. This is an increase from 1.46 million figured reported last year in Q3 2016.

* WWE Network subscriber counts for Q4 2017 are projected to be 1.47 million.

* The company launched the WWE Network in China this quarter with PPTV.

* Weekly TV shows in Mexico and Central America were also launched this quarter.

* Digital video views currently sit at 14.2 billion through the first nine months of 2017. This represents a 23% increase from last year. Social media engagements are also up 5% from last year (touted as 912 million so far this year).

* NBC Universal secured 20 new advertisers for WWE programming in the 2017-2018 upfront. 70 have been added over the past three years, reaching a total of 200.

* WWE’s TV rights fees with the USA Network (NBC Universal) was addressed in the press release, noting the current deal expires as of September 30, 2019. TV deals in the UK and India will expire on December 31, 2019. WWE noted they planned to announce a plan for future distribution in the United States between May and September 2018 and by year-end regarding current TV rights deals internationally. Negotiations begin next year.

WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon was quoted about the results in the release.

“We are pleased with our continued success in growing and engaging a large, global audience across multiple platforms. The increased production of original content, our focus on localization and the further development of a diverse talent base contributed to that important achievement, reinforcing the significant scale and power of our brands.”


  1. WWE needs to dump Sky TV in the UK. To have the Sports Package added will cost extra £20-£35 a month. And they keep changing what Sports channel they show Raw and Smackdown. Go back to Channel 4. Yes it went very bedly last time and UK never got a tv airing of Armageddon in 1999/2000 ( or somewhere in that region). But now the PG era is slowly transforming into a soft Attitude era, C4 could put on E4 so its not mainstream tv, but still free to view. WWE viewing figures would go up above 97,000 (which is a good week). They dropped Silvervision (for home video, dvd etc) and Trumps UK (for euroshop). Both have worked in the wwes favour.

    Plus its the deal with Sky which is the reason there is a 4 week delay in Raw/Smackdown being put on the Network. And was also the reason the Network kept getting delayed in the UK

  2. Maybe I’m just shit at economics, but those all sound like really good numbers. Why are people talking like WWE is losing money hand over foot? I need some help understanding.

  3. Because of the fact that their revenue is from their TV deals. If their ratings continue to fall, they’re not gonna continue to get those sweetheart deals, which lowers their revenue. Network subscriber rates actually FELL from the first quarter of the year, and their attendance has been declining sharply, and I do mean sharply, over the past two years.

    The company is not diversified enough to take a hit if they don’t get a good deal on their domestic TV deal renewals, and that is a big red flag for any investor with half a brain.

  4. Pretty much. By concentrating on a lucrative deal, they are losing out on generating mainstream appeal and interest. All of these new fans that wouldn’t pay the Sky subscription but would watch for free and then buy merchandise…

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