Emma gives reaction to WWE release

Shortly after the announcement of her WWE release today, Emma only tweeted this out.


She received supportive replies from talent including Sasha Banks, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce and Paige. Here are a few of the tweets below.


Lio Rush upsets WWE roster

Newly signed NXT star Lio Rush did himself no favors among the WWE roster on Sunday afternoon, tweeting about Emma’s release and referencing her two losses to Asuka.

“I guess these are the things that happen when you’re not TRULY ready for @WWEAsuka ????”

Rush has since removed the tweet.

Members of the WWE and NXT roster quickly responded to Rush.

Rush then issued this statement, apologizing for his comments.

Jack Gallagher didn’t seem to agree with the sentiments in response.



  1. There’s a difference in joking about something and kicking someone when they’re down. Emma was an amazing competitor and deserved much better than that from someone who has only just signed with the company. The response he got with the superstars with the company was well deserved. These people spend more time with each other than their own families so its natural they will bond and become protective over eachother

  2. im sure he’ll say its discrimination, take a knee and throw up a #blm hashtag since its a bunch of white ppl and Gallagher’s commet will sure be “racist” for saying he’s an uneductaed black man


  3. After seeing that broken heart tweet, now I feel even worse for her. 🙁
    Also, f*ck off Lio Rush. I liked you in ROH but just lost all respect for you. What you did wasn’t “blown out of proportion.” Like Jamie here said, it’s not joking when you’re kicking someone when she’s down.

  4. I think what you call “getting butt hurt” is what anyone with any common sense would label as “the correct reaction towards mocking someone losing their job”.

    I agree that we now live in a world where everyone wants to be offended on someone else’s behalf; however in this instance the comments made were inappropriate and cold.

  5. The WWEvil trainwreck is all about who’s ass you kiss not about your ability, it’s a .ed up evil cult!
    They cut her because she was tweeting over being misused on her 5 year anniversary with the company… or because she wouldn’t suck off Vinny Mac take your pick…

  6. I didn’t know who this guy was till recently in NXT,but he just buried himself with that tweet. Even if he was just speaking his mind there are some lines people don’t cross. I wasn’t offended by the tweet,but some of the wrestlers were.

  7. Wtf is that statement? “I’m sorry you guys got mad, my joke about Emma losing her job wasn’t even a joke”. If Spacey hadn’t opened his mouth, that might have been the worst apology of the month.

  8. Wow. It’s not like a wrestler has ever made a comment like this. Quite common for someone to play out what happened on storyline to cover up a real world situation. If she’s any good then she will do just fine elsewhere. If she plays it right, she can create a better following working other places coke back even bigger and better. Like Cody Rhodes is currently doing. Not like her life is over now.

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