Chris Kelly sent this in:

– Jim Ross has updated his Q&A section over at Here are some of the highlights:

JR on Kane retirement rumors: Kane’s retirement plans are news to me. He could easily be a champion again. SD is counting on his skills & name identity.

On where Shawn Michaels has been: In San Antonio resting, healing and spending time with family. He?ll be back.

On whether or not Shawn Michaels uses back support: Shawn has serious loser back issues and need all the support the equipment can provide him. He’s in constant pain which is why this hiatus after WM25 was so imperative.

On where Triple H has been: HHH is taking the time he needs to prepare for a return which I suspect will be prior to Summerslam.

On if he has ever been legit injured: Yes?..stitches?.cuts glued shut?.cracked shin?.damage to my right eye that has limited my night driving because of all the blurry vision and ?floaters? in that particular eye.

On SNME in 2009: I think there will be a NBC/WWE special that may involve WM25 but I don?t know the date. I?m not sure of any SNME’s scheduled.