Jack Swagger on how he got his name

Tim Baines of The Ottawa Sun has an interview up with WWE star Jack Swagger. Here are some highlights.

On how he got his name “Jack Swagger” in WWE:
“WWE Creative came up with the name, it’s definitely awesome. My late grandfather’s name was Jack. It’s funny, when my old college buddies from the (Oklahoma Sooners) football team heard the name, they were like: ‘Yep, that’s him, that’s the perfect name.’ What I do, the smiling, that’s me. And the cockiness, the sarcasm … I’m sarcastic (in real life), I like to mess with people. And calling myself the All-American American, that just pisses everybody off.”

On growing up watching wrestling:
“I’d been wrestling since I was six and as a kid, I’d watch the Saturday morning wrestling on TV. I was a big Ultimate Warrior fan.”

On his first WWE dark match against William Regal a year ago:
“That night, I saw (Regal) backstage. I was a little nervous and said to him, ‘I think we have a match tonight.’ He says, ‘Yes,’ and then brushes me off and walks right by me.”

On getting to interact with WWE veterans:
“It’s such a surreal feeling. When I talk to The Undertaker, I just sit next to him and listen. Jim Ross introduced me to Stone Cold Steve Austin at Wrestlemania. I was thinking, ‘Would you just chug a beer and say “Hell, yeah,” for me?”

To check out the full interview, click here.