The word that made the rounds regarding the developmental of the WWE produced “Rise and Fall of WCW” DVD is that the people involved in putting it together were said to be completely clueless to the actual history of the company reports The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The knowledge of WCW for these certain individuals in WWE was described as simply searching the internet and reading basic historial material in what many described as “laughable” facts. Plus, there were many on the outside viewing the project as coming in with an inherent and obvious bias.

Since then things have changed and it appears the final product will be much better because they ended up interviewing a lot of people who worked for the company and were set straight on a variety of topics. As reported on earlier, the company reached out to Ted Turner, former WCW Executive Bill Shaw and Eric Bischoff to take part in interviews. All three turned down offers from WWE with Bischoff adding the following on his official Twitter page, “Chose not to participate in WWE’s latest revisionist history initiative for many reasons including the obvious one.” The DVD, which is slated to be a three-disc set, will be released on August 25.