WWE 365 with Kevin Owens, Jerry Lawler in new Netflix documentary

WWE 365

WWE 365 with Kevin Owens

The new WWE 365 series focusing on Kevin Owens will debut tomorrow night on the WWE Network following the Survivor Series PPV.

The new series features footage of Owens from the last year in WWE.

You can check out a preview trailer below courtesy of WWE.

Jerry Lawler in new Netflix documentary

Netflix debuted a new documentary on Friday night called “Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond” interviewing Jim Carrey about his portrayal of Andy Kaufman 18 years ago.

The documentary features footage never previously released showing Carrey remaining in character as Kaufman and alter ego Tony Clifton during the entire filming process.

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler is featured in the documentary when he played himself in the movie released in 1999. It’s a fascinating look at Carrey refusing to break character behind-the-scenes with Lawler, including a tense moment while recreating the interactions between Lawler and Kaufman in the Memphis wrestling territory.

You can check out a trailer below courtesy of Netflix.