Chris Kelly sent this in:

WWE’s online store,, has put up the product page (click here) for their upcoming three-disc DVD set on the career of Randy Savage, Macho Madness – The Randy Savage Ultimate Collection.

While fans can purchase the DVD by itself, WWE is also offering a package deal including the DVD, the WWE: The Main Event book, and a three-pack of miscellaneous wrist bracelets. As you can see, WWE is not going all out with their package deal on Savage as they typically offer another piece of merchandise related to the Superstar’s DVD Release ? usually a t-shirt. There is actually a reason for the non-inclusion of another Savage product in this case.

According to the webmaster of Randy Savage’s official website,, WWE officials do not want fans wearing t-shirts bearing his trademark likeness appearing on their Television shows. As a result, WWE is not manufacturing and including a t-shirt that is typically included with DVD packages.