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John Cena sued by Ford Motors

WXYZ out of Detroit reported on Thursday that WWE star John Cena is being sued by Ford Motor Company in the US District Court due to Cena violating an agreement.

The suit says Cena was given a $500,000 custom Ford GT car for at least two years as part of an ambassador agreement with the Ford brand. Ford’s claim is that Cena, after receiving the car, quickly sold it into liquidation to pay for expenses.

When asked for a statement, Ford issued the following.

“Mr. Cena has unfairly made a large profit from the unauthorized resale flip of the vehicle, and Ford has suffered additional damages and losses, including, but not limited to, loss of brand value, ambassador activity and customer goodwill due to the improper sale.”

Cena then issued a response to Ford’s statement with the following.

“I completely understand and as stated am willing to work with Ford to make it right. My sincerest apologies.”

More teases of “Broken” Matt Hardy

There have been continued teases of the previous “Broken” Matt Hardy character making its way on WWE television since the initial angle was shot on this past Monday’s episode of RAW following Hardy’s match with Bray Wyatt.

The Twitter account of Hardy’s drone, Vanguard-1, posted the following on Thursday.

Hardy followed with a YouTube video on Thursday night in where he calls out for his gardener, Senor Benjamin.

As noted earlier this week, Anthem – who originally owned all the trademarks to “Broken” Matt Hardy and the Broken Universe – announced that they would be amending contracts and allowing all former and current talent the rights to use their Impact characters outside of the company going forward, thus allowing Hardy the ability to use the “Broken” character in WWE. It would appear Hardy will be using the term “Woken” in WWE.


  1. Yeah this is going to bring the ratings back up to 1998/’99 numbers…There’s a difference between showing off mouldy bread in a famine and mouldy bread in 5 star restaurant , and we shall see it, once the novelty wears off

  2. I actually think it’ll work for at least a bit. I don’t think it’s going to have an impact on the ratings (other than maybe a spike or two here or there) but in the WWE machine, they (these days) want something that catches up and sells some merch. and at least keeps the rating at the same or similar and keeps the viewer engaged. I think it’ll work to that end and I think even if it’s a short novelty, it’ll help WWE make some money off signing Matt vs. what they are doing with him now and they may try to do a slow build so they can continue it until Jeff’s return. If they can make it last close to a year and make merchandise money (that’s where I see the return on this as fans at the end of the day seem to really dig the Hardy’s and they have always made money on merch for companies and themselves) that would be considered a huge win even if it’s not what it was in TNA (basically the biggest thing they had going) and lost some momentum because of the delay. Again, we shall see but that is my take on what I think WWE is hoping happens.

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