Andre the Giant

HBO has released a teaser trailer for a new Andre the Giant documentary that will debut next year in the Spring of 2018, according to an announcement this afternoon.

As reported earlier this year, HBO teamed with WWE and the Bill Simmons Media Group to create the documentary about the legendary wrestler and WWE Hall of Famer.

Vince McMahon was quoted last February about the documentary project.

“For more than 20 years, Andre the Giant’s larger than life personality and unique charisma captured the imagination of fans around the world. I will always value our friendship, and I am proud to tell the story of the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World.”

You can check out the teaser trailer below courtesy of HBO.


  1. Ok I admit I haven’t really watched Andre’s stuff pre 1983, but his stuff from then to 1991 was God awful. Leaning, horrible punching, and Vince saying he had “larger than life ” personality when he had basically no personality (Heenan did it all). Not to mention the rumors than he had no problem spouting racial comments to anyone, sorry but I’ll pass on the Andre documentary.

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