Jim Johnston

WWE parts ways with composer Jim Johnston

Multiple wrestling media reports have confirmed Jim Johnston, the long-time musical composer for WWE, has officially parted ways with the company.

Reports by The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online and Pro Wrestling Sheet indicated WWE allowed his contract to expired. Johnston had been with WWE since 1985.

WWE has not confirmed Johnston’s release from the company, nor have they responded when requested for comment about the reports online this week. This is initially why Wrestleview.com opted to wait earlier in the week before reporting more on the story.

Sheamus on neck issues

WWE star Sheamus revealed one a new “Sheamus Shorts” YouTube video that he has been recently dealing with a serious case of stenosis and neck issues the last six months.

The video below shows Sheamus using the Neck Hammock for recovery.


  1. Jim Johnson was the man when it came to theme songs! As great as CFO$ is with their instrumentals,I hate how they constantly loop their lyrics over and over. Jim Johnson hardly (if not never) had to loop his lyrics,and made the song seem like an actual song you’d hear on the radio.

  2. That’s what I appreciate about Johnston’s work over CFO$, too. Johnston wrote songs. CFO$ write music loops. Good music loops, for the most part, but still.

  3. Exactly! A lot of CFO$ stuff is just one verse and very repetitive. While Johnston’s stuff was the classics for some of the all time greats like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and The Undertaker. Even his latest and last one with Baron Corbin’s theme being amazing.

  4. Amen brother, I stoped watching the WWEvil trainwreck years ago and I don’t feel like I missed anything important. It’s all disposable bullshit right now, pretty sad when the guy composing the music is your best guy LOL

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