Video: “Woken” Matt Hardy arrives in WWE on Monday night during RAW

Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy officially debuted his revamped “Woken” character – a play off his previous “Broken” character from his time in then TNA Wrestling – on RAW last night.

Hardy vowed to “delete” Wyatt during the promo on Monday night, as noted in Mike Tedesco’s recap. Here is a summary of the promo.

“Wyatt asks who Matt Hardy is. The universe knows, but Matt doesn’t. Matt Hardy cuts him off. Hardy says his soul has wandered through space and time. Not all who wander are lost. Wyatt cuts back onto the screen. Hardy knows nothing of what is actually real. Hardy cuts in again and says he’s studied at the Library of Alexandria and held symposiums with Plato. Wyatt says the ramblings of madman shouldn’t be listened to. Hardy cuts in and says he was dwelling in a vessel called Matthew Hardy, but he has been WOKEN! Wyatt has left him with no choice. Hardy sentences him to DELETION!”

You can check out the full segment below courtesy of WWE.

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