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Former TNA star comes to terms with WWE

Former TNA star Rockstar Spud (James Curtin) has come to terms with WWE and is expected to start with the company “imminently” as part of the 205 Live roster according to reports by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter and

PWInsider reported that Curtin came to terms with WWE back in October and they were waiting on his working visa to come through before he could start.

Anthem and Impact were described as being unhappy after they “spent significant money” to fix his visa problem, only for him to sign with WWE per the Observer report.

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  1. If Anthem is upset with him, they are to blame. They should have tied him into a contract before spending the money to fix his visa issue.

  2. From what I heard on another site, he was apparently under contract when the process started and it took longer than planned and then when his contract was coming close and the visa was getting finalized he started looking at options…and if that is accurate, then they did pay for his Visa issues with plans that when his contract ended he would resign since they started the process partway through his contract. Not sure how accurate all of that is but if so, I don’t know that they are to blame as it’s just circumstances BUT no point in them being mad – it’s in the past now. They were also mad The Hardy’s didn’t resign and look how much energy that took away from what should be their prime focus. Either way, good for Spud but he’ll probably get lost in 205…I could be wrong though, he was solid on the mic.

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