Jinder Mahal

Triple H on wrestling Jinder Mahal

Scott Dargis of NBC Sports is featuring an interview with Paul “Triple H” Levesque about wrestling Jinder Mahal in New Delhi, India last week in the main event.

On wrestling Jinder Mahal and if he was surprised to get a big reaction:

“It’s funny, you see a lot of comments to the reaction of the fans there. India is totally different market and WWE is huge there. One thing that people forget is the first time I went to India to perform was in 1996. I’ve been on their TV for a really long period of time. When we were over there a few months ago having business meetings, to hear the people who are running television studios or Internet companies say to me ‘I watched you when I was a teenager. You were like the biggest guy in the world.’ It’s not to say Jinder wasn’t ‘over’ there. He was! You have to understand the market. It’s not like everyone just went, ‘Oh my God he’s Indian! He looks like us so we love him.’ They are a savvy market. They understand that he’s [playing] a bad guy [on television].”

On NXT landing a spot on USA Network this week for the first time:

“They approached us with it as far as I know, I wasn’t there when it happened. Every year we do ‘WWE week’ on the USA Network and with Raw being on Monday, SmackDown now being live on Tuesdays and now there’s the content that they can fill the rest of the week with. Tribute to the Troops on Thursday is the signature event of the week. Wednesday was the perfect opportunity for us. They presented it to us this year as an opportunity and I was asked if I would be interested in creating a show for that and I was like absolutely. Is that a trick question?”

Notes from WWE’s tour of India and Abu Dhabi

Speaking of WWE’s tour of India, the company drew 9,000 fans on December 9 at the Indira Gandhi Stadium. This was the only show part of the India tour.

The tour opened on December 7 in Abu Dhabi at the Zayed Sports City International Tennis Stadium drawing 2,250 fans. The second show on December 8 drew 2,250 fans as well.

It should be noted that the Abu Dhabi shows are described as “sold shows” meaning WWE receives a big guarantee to run live events no matter what attendance they draw.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter