Upcoming WWE schedule

Upcoming WWE schedule from 12/15-12/21

Here is the upcoming WWE schedule from December 15-21, 2017.

* NXT live event in Cocoa, Florida tonight (December 15)
* NXT live event in Memphis, Tennessee tonight (December 15)
* WWE live event in Manchester, New Hampshire tonight (December 15)
* NXT live event in Largo, Florida on Saturday (December 16)
* NXT live event in Little Rock, Arkansas on Saturday (December 16)
* WWE live event in Syracuse, New York on Saturday (December 16)
* WWE live event in Portland, Maine on Saturday (December 16)
* Clash of Champions PPV live in Boston, Massachusetts on Sunday (December 17)
* WWE live event in Allentown, Pennsylvania on Sunday (December 17)
* Monday Night RAW live in Providence, Rhode Island on Monday (December 18)
* WWE live event in White Plains, New York on Monday (December 18)
* Smackdown Live taping in Newark, New Jersey on Tuesday (December 19)

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205 Live star undergoes knee surgery

WWE.com is reporting that 205 Live star Noam Dar underwent successful surgery on his left knee in Orlando on Thursday after suffering an injury back on November 27.

The injury, which took place during RAW, was described as “lingering” for weeks and that his knee ended up going out on him again over the weekend.

Dar spoke at length about the injury.

“I learned that I had a tear of the meniscus — a bucket handle tear — which is a pretty common tear for athletes. We don’t have any confirmed time frame just yet because I obviously need to see the post-op, but it’s more than likely going to be around the five-month mark. That would be with me working extensively at the [WWE] Performance Center, so that will make a huge difference. Staying on top of everything so we can hopefully take that time down a little bit.”