Kevin Eck of The Baltimore Sun is featuring an interview with WWE star Shawn Michaels where he addresses Ric Flair deciding to come out of retirement in 2009 for the “Hulkamania” tour and in 2010 for TNA.

“He did call me. He called me once to let me know he was going to do the [Hulk] Hogan match in Australia. He wanted to know if it was OK and I of course told him that it was. Then he called me again when he was going to sign with TNA and asked the same thing. There’s nothing you can say. I certainly don?t have what it takes to look at somebody and say, ?Don?t go make a living.? I told him that, for me, nothing can take away that special moment. It will still always be to me that I had Ric Flair’s last match. I tried to do the best job I could for him. I think it was a special moment. Anything after that [pauses]. I feel for him, but I?m certainly not angry or disappointed or anything. I would like to think that Ric probably would have liked that to have been his last match, too. The fact that it couldn?t be, I understand. Those are circumstances that I certainly can?t control.

One of the things you have to understand is that if you?re going to be a friend of Ric’s, you sort of know that there’s some baggage that comes along with that. Certainly the older I get the more I?m learning about conditional situations, and the difference between that and unconditional ? unconditional friendship, unconditional love. All those types of things we can talk about but it’s a whole other thing to put them into action. I do my best to put them into action. I want what’s best for Ric, even if Ric might not always be aware of what that is, I still want that for him. Nothing will take away from that moment. It’s sill truly special. I still wear my watch every day, so it’s still something I?m really proud of. [Note: Michaels had matching diamond Rolex watches made for he and Flair to commemorate their match.]”

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