The Brian Kendrick

WWE posted the following injury update via Twitter about 205 Live star Brian Kendrick following Monday’s Christmas Day RAW.

Kendrick took a nasty Go 2 Sleep from Hideo Itami at the close of their match.

There is no word on how long Kendrick will be out of action due to these injuries.


  1. Itami’ WWE run is cursed. Between the injuries and now potentially losing his finisher, he could be done next year.

  2. I mentioned on another site’s forum that the gts might get banned someone disagreed but it’s possible Itami’s run in the WWE has been messed up the injuries the fact that 2 former WWE wrestlers had been using his moves before he signed with WWE the difference in style between Japanese pro wrestling which is stiff and WWE style which can be softer also let’s face it Japanese wrestlers don’t make it too far up the card Tajiri was a great wrestler and he barely got a chance Nakamura is another example he should’ve won the WWE championship earlier this year and didn’t get to run with it Itami may be gone in 2018 or stuck as a jobber to less talented wrestlers like enzo amore until he quits like Neville or Aries

  3. I agree on most points except the too far up the card side – how many examples are there even to draw from and whether Nakamura should have had the title or not (there are many non-Japanese talent they take longer than expected to get the title) he is at the top of the card (and there weekly) and Asuka jumped to the top of the card.

  4. You have a point very smartly discussed and if they execute these pushes you’re mentioning it’ll be great the WWE hasn’t exactly had the best track record following through on pushes lately and I’m talking main roster a lot of stop go situations and 50 50 style booking

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