WWE schedule

WWE schedule for final weekend of 2017

The following is the WWE schedule of live events for the final weekend of 2017 heading into 2018.

* 12/29 live event in Albany, New York
* 12/29 live event in Hershey, Pennsylvania
* 12/30 live event in Tampa, Florida
* 12/30 live event in Toronto, Canada
* 1/1 RAW TV tapings in Miami, Florida
* 1/2 Smackdown Live TV tapings in Orlando, Florida
* 1/4 NXT TV tapings in Atlanta, Georgia

You can send in live reports to any of these events by e-mailing either AdamMartin@wrestleview.com or Jason@wrestleview.com.

WWE offers invite to supermodel for Wrestlemania

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen posted on Twitter on Thursday that she enjoyed going to Wrestlemania a few years back, but had to leave the show early. This led to Stephanie McMahon replying to Teigen, offering her an invite to Wrestlemania 34 in April in New Orleans.

WWE.com has coverage of the invitation that you can read by clicking here.