Update on WWE’s tour of Mexico

The situation with WWE’s scheduled tour of Mexico has become quite confusing. OCESA, which is the local promotion of WWE in Mexico, is claiming that the tour is still on and not canceled and stated that all four Raw house show events in Monterrey (5/27 and 5/28), Queretaro (5/29) and Mexico City (5/30) are or close to being sold out.

WWE.com has continued to list the shows and are not listing the new Raw house show events that have been advertised for 5/29 in Huntsville, AL or 5/30 in Montgomery, AL despite tickets being sold locally in those markets. There are also conflicting reports among the Mexico media about the tour as the newspaper Esto wrote the WWE tour wasn’t canceled, while the newspaper Record wrote on the same day that it was.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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