Rich Swann

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon on Rich Swann is featuring comments about Rich Swann and his current status with WWE from executives Paul “Triple H” Levesque and Stephanie McMahon.

Triple H said WWE is still waiting on a legal decision regarding Swann.

“We are just waiting on the legal. We have a zero tolerance policy on that, as you’ve well seen. So he’s suspended until it is determined legally one way or the other.”

Stephanie McMahon also talked about what happens if Swann is convicted.

“And if he’s convicted, he will be released. Immediately.”

Swann was arrested back in December and charged with domestic battery.

Big name at Smackdown Live last night

The Undertaker was backstage at last night’s Smackdown Live taping in Birmingham, Alabama according to a new report by

As noted earlier, Undertaker will be appearing at the RAW 25th Anniversary in two weeks.


  1. Triple H and Stephanie… 2 assholes who play that PC card no matter what. Especially Stephanie, her comments say all you need to know. I guess Hogan ain’t coming back any time soon either. What a bunch of dipshits.

  2. You are an idiot. What Triple H and Stephanie said had nothing to do with being PC. Rich Swann should be terminated if he is convicted. Also, what was Hogan convicted of? It’s not a crime to make stupid comments.

  3. I never implied that Hogan was convicted of anything, you stupid moron! My point was, he should be back, but he is still kept away because WWE is more concerned with how they look in the public eye (hence the PC comment). Exactly, Hogan did nothing wrong, he merely made some stupid comments YEARS before WWE made the decision to terminate him. And he is one of the guys (if not THE guy) that catapulted this shitty company into the mainstream. As for Rich Swann, he ain’t convicted yet, we don’t know what happened exactly. My point with him was that Stephanie doesn’t have to be a bitch about it and jump the gun with her comments. As usual though, she makes these statements cause she sees this as an opportunity to get a bit of PR. You stupid asswipe!

  4. PR and PC have nothing to do with it dipshit. I’m not the one forgetting that WWE is a publicly traded company therefore they have no choice but to be cognizant of the way they look to the public and more specifically their shareholders. 20 years ago when WWE was a privately owned company they could make their own rules because they had only to answer to themselves. When they became publicly traded the rules changed as did who they had to answer to. Oh and Hogan’s comments may have been made (and reported) years before WWE terminated him but WWE only terminated him when they had proof of those comments. It would have been stupid (not to mention legally risky) for WWE , which has been publicly traded since 1999 meaning they had been publicly traded for 13 years when Hogan’s comments were made (and first reported) to terminate Hogan without proof in 2012 when the comments were (and first reported). You cannot act recklessly when you are a publicly traded entity, hence why Swann is only suspended until the legalities play out. Stephanie is not being a bitch or jumping the gun, Jumping the gun would have been firing Swann only to him see found not guilty in court (which would set WWE up to possibly be sued for illegal termination). There is not an athlete on the planet that is contracted to sports league, team, or federation that would not be at least suspended for a transgression such as Swann’s. Maybe if you pulled your head out of your ass you would that WWE is acting the way any reasonable business entity would and should act.

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