Daniel Bryan

TheWrap.com is featuring comments from Triple H addressing Daniel Bryan and a potential return to the ring with WWE in the near future.

Triple H was asked if any kind of an exception could be made within WWE’s strict wellness policy in the case of Bryan to allow him to return to the ring.

He continued to echo previous statements that it’s still up to WWE’s medical staff.

“There can be no exception medically. If the belief is that he’s not healthy enough and there’s a risk [for him] to perform, then I don’t know why you’d allow him to step into the ring unless it can be proven otherwise. There will be no exceptions. We have some of the best medical people in the world that work for us. Our wellness policy, our concussion programming, our protocols — I’ll put them up there against any on the planet.

That is a new science in a way, too. So we’re gonna look at it from all aspects, but the medical experts will make the determination as to whether he can ever step into that ring or not. Look, personally for him, I know it would be something he would love to do, and part of me feels like I hope he has that opportunity. But at the same point in time, he’s married and has a child. Certainly, [we put] the human being first.”

Bryan’s deal with WWE reportedly expires later this year in September. He’s hinted in recent media interviews that he would like to make a return to the ring outside of WWE.


  1. With what Bryan has been up to on SD lately, I am starting to wonder if this has turned into a work. We know at least some docs have cleared him and they’ve been making his desire to get back in the ring/corporate’s refusal to allow it pretty public. Now over on SD they’re suggesting Bryan could be becoming unstable and making it appear like he’s doing stuff to more overtly influence the outcome of matches.

    I’d say WWE wouldn’t take that sort of risk with the sort of exposure the concussion issue has been getting in recent years, but it’s not as if they haven’t used serious, controversial matters as storyline fodder before.

  2. Notice how he never said it wouldn’t happen? He kept falling back on what the “experts” say. For all we know the WWE doctors could have cleared him already.

  3. This “one more time” stuff gets really old. He should be forced to sign something to the effect of “if you get concussed, or tear something, etc… then you can’t sue us in 2030.” I’m all for seeing him wrestle, but in this case WWE shouldn’t be held liable. He would probably get a huge payday anyway at Mania regardless.

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