RAW 25th Anniversary

WWE revealed a big announced for next week’s RAW 25th Anniversary show.

In a video announcement by Mike Rome, it was revealed that WWE Hall of Famers Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler will reunite on commentary to call the action next Monday night in New York City live from the Manhattan Center.

As noted in previous reports, WWE will be holding the special 25th Anniversary episode of RAW from both the Barclays Center in Brooklyn and the Manhattan Center in New York City next Monday night featuring a hosts of former legends.

Legends already confirmed for the show includes:

* Stone Cold Steve Austin
* The Undertaker
* Ric Flair
* D-Generation X
* Scott Hall and Kevin Nash
* The New Age Outlaws
* The APA
* The Dudley Boyz
* The Bella Twins
* Ted DiBiase
* Brother Love
* The Boogeyman
* Sgt. Slaughter
* The Godfather
* Theodore Long
* John Laurinaitis


  1. Well that is going to suck. Been many many many years since King and JR were any good on commentary. Should just be limited to maybe 1 match and than back to the current team. Don’t get me wrong Booker is god awful and Cole still sucks but I am sick of JR and King

  2. Out of the list of legends, which ones don’t belong? That question is rhetorical, it’s the Bella Twins and Boogeyman.

  3. I’m sick of most of those Legends actually, its the same old cast all the time. Why not bring in some of the guys of the attitude era, when Raw was at its peak, and when it was great to watch. Bring in Vince Russo also, the guy that actually wrote those shows. And you have Hall & Nash showing up, but still no Hogan? Man, this show is gonna be boring as ..

  4. Which legends were on Raw last week or the week before or … well, you get the idea – out of the last how long has it been since any of them (even Flair has been away a while even since his recovery) have been on Raw? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they should have legends on the show or they don’t go to the same legends well too often when they do pick legends but you’re talking like legends are on the programs weekly? Maybe you don’t watch weekly so I shouldn’t assume but the current talent (other than Lesnar) has been the focus for some time now. Look at the Raw main events in recent months (not just weeks) and try to find a legend (Lesnar is still on current payroll) that was involved? And how long since JR and King have called a full episode? Not like this happens regularly…and since every week they focus on current talent now doesn’t it make sense to bring in people for a special show to celebrate a major anniversary to showcase the talent of previous years for just 3 hours?

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