Triple H on planning the RAW 25th Anniversary, Talent advertised for weekend live events

Triple H

Triple H on planning the RAW 25th Anniversary

Rolling Stone is featuring an interview with Triple H (Paul Levesque) talking about the “logistical nightmares” when it comes to booking the RAW 25th Anniversary show.

Triple H spoke at length about the plans for Monday and the expectation level with fans.

“When you take 25 years of memorable moments and characters, trying to boil that down to a three-hour Raw episode being simulcast and in two places, how do you whittle that down to certain people and times and events? I was doing an interview the other day, and they put out a list so I could refresh my memory, and it was pages and pages of these moments. As I’m going through them, ‘Oh my god, that was the coolest thing ever. That was the coolest thing ever. That was even cooler.’ And then there are the ones that involve me. But there are so many others, and that’s been the hardest thing – not forgetting stuff. You can’t get everybody, and you’re going to get a lot of people who go, ‘I can’t believe they didn’t do this and talk about that.’ It’s 25 years. You just can’t do it all. I can tell you what it will be: It will be one hell of a celebration.”

On wrestling fans having high expectations for anniversary shows:

“Talent have certain expectations of things, and then there’ what the WWE universe is looking for and wants, and that’s who we’re creating this show for. It’s their show. That’s been the secret sauce for 25 years – our fanbase and the show that encourages them to be a part of it. It all started with Raw and went from there, so this is for them. This is in celebration of them. If you said, ‘What’s the hardest thing in this?’ it would be getting anything done, because it’s going to be like old home day for all these talent who haven’t seen each other. And once you get wrestlers telling stories its over. We’ll all be telling stories all day long and putting ourselves over. At some point, I gotta remember, ‘I’ve got a show to make here.'”

Talent advertised for weekend live events

Randy Orton, Jason Jordan and Samoa Joe are all off weekend WWE live events.

Jordan and Joe are off due to injuries, with Joe being expected to miss the most time after it was revealed he has been pulled from the Royal Rumble match.

Source: The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online

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