Alberto El Patron

Alberto El Patron offers apology to WWE and Triple H

Mediotiempo is featuring an interview with Impact Wrestling star Alberto El Patron (aka Alberto Del Rio) where he talks about apologizing for comments he made about WWE and Triple H last year while using his social media accounts.

Patron seemed to blame former fiancé and WWE star Paige for the issues.

“I apologized to Triple H for the issues when I was with my ex-partner. She and her entire family made me believe that those who affected our relationship were them, specifically him. She made me believe that the videos (compromising of Patron) and all that was by Triple H and the company. At the time I believed her because she was my partner.”

Patron also noted he believes a return to WWE is possible as he plans to retire in 2020.

“Of course I would go back, surely before I retire I will do something special with them. I see (it being) very difficult in 2018, but in 2019 before leaving I’m definitely going to do something with them. We shook hands and everything is fine right now. Time heals wounds.”

Jim Ross finishes up with PodcastOne

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross announced on Twitter that he has fulfilled all contractual obligations with PodcastOne and will be bringing his podcast to a new platform soon.


  1. oh come on, you were bad mouthing the wwe long before you and paige got together. what’s a matter running low on money Alberto? lol

  2. He was hating on WWE long before associating with Paige. I was surprised he came back in 2015. He’s better off building a new bridge instead of rebuilding one that’s already burned.

  3. I don’t buy it…. Sounds like he’s pushing all the blame to Paige.
    I also don’t think Paige did what he said she did cos if she did, why would WWE let her stay?

  4. True but tbh Alberto isnt the draw he thinks he is and I think the point about him burning hes bridge is valid, From a business stand point bringing him back wont benefit the WWE

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