Manhattan Center

Video of fans not happy at the Manhattan Center

Twitter user @Its0nlyRachel shared a video from the Manhattan Center on Monday night showing fans not pleased about the various breaks in action for the RAW 25 show.

WWE was also broadcasting live from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn and showed that live feed for the fans in attendance at the Manhattan Center.

You can check out the video below.

Lita on not getting an invite to RAW 25

WWE Hall of Famer Amy “Lita” Dumas tweeted about being featured on the chairs at the arena for RAW 25 last night, but not getting an actual invite to attend.


  1. Not to criticize the fans because they did put their hard earned money into this but at the same time, they got what was advertised. It was well known there would be 2 different venues and that the majority of the current stars would be in the Barclays Center. The show came exactly as what was advertised on my opinion

  2. The show wasn’t that great anyway. Opening segment was good, then they put a massive buzzkill right after with the women’s tag match. Other than that, I enjoyed the Elias segment…that’s about it.

  3. It would have been pretty easy to have put on some non televised matches though at the each venue when not being televised, it would have surely been more entertaining for the paying crowd. Not sure keeping people sitting around for an hour just for a 5 minute appearance of Taker would make me happy either.

  4. It may have worked better to have the middle hour all from MC then at least it would have kept momentum going, but as far as them being upset, did they think they were gonna get 3 hours of action?… if so well then stupid is as stupid does.

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