Enzo Amore

WWE announced the release of Enzo Amore (Eric Arndt) on Tuesday afternoon.

Amore, who was the current reigning and defending WWE Cruiserweight Champion, was suspended by the company on Monday over sexual assault allegations dating back to an incident in Phoenix, Arizona last year by an unidentified woman.

We reported earlier this morning that WWE pulled the originally scheduled WWE Cruiserweight Championship match between Amore and Cedric Alexander off the card for the Royal Rumble PPV this Sunday in Philadelphia.

Amore had just spent the weekend wrestling for WWE at the first ever 205 Live branded events in Lowell, Massachusetts and Poughkeepsie, New York. Due to his suspension, Amore did not appear at the RAW 25th Anniversary show last night.

You can view WWE’s official statement below:

“WWE has come to terms on the release of Eric Arndt (Enzo Amore).”

No word at this time what this means for the Cruiserweight Championship.


  1. Apparently he knew about the allegations ever since October, but didn’t tell WWE about it (according to fightful). If that’s true, how stupid can one person be?

    Learning one of your champions is being investigated for rape via media/angy twitter users on the eve of your anniversary show…yeesh. Just bad alk around. No wonder they fired him

  2. Maybe they might justify it for other reasons. Im also guessing her knew about the allegations but maybe didnt inform WWE about it at the time?

  3. OH MY GOD!!! Well…there goes the “spark” to the Cruiserweight Division. He better be guilty and if he knew about it months before them he’s a dumbass.

  4. If the state the WWE files it’s paperwork out of is an at-will state, no, he won’t. They can terminate him without cause, unless stated otherwise in the contract. Most states are at-will states, if memory serves.

  5. Word is making the rounds that, yeah, he knew, and didn’t say anything. So yeah, even if he’s found innocent, he STILL withheld information that would’ve been very damaging to their public image if it came out AFTER pushing him.

  6. “No word at this time what this means for the Cruiserweight Championship.”
    I can tell you the final decision:give 205 Live a few more months and by the time we get to the Summer, they’ll pull the plug on them

  7. Honestly, this was on the cards for a long time. He had a shitty attitude and half the locker room couldn’t stand him. This incident, whether proven or not, just sped up the inevitable.

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