Ronda Rousey

WWE Women’s Division reacts to Ronda Rousey

Members of the WWE Women’s Division have started reacting to the signing of former UFC Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey on social media this week.

While not confirmed, it would appear many are pushing an angle where they are not happy or receptive to the idea of Rousey simply walking into the doors at WWE.

You can check out comments below from Sasha Banks, Nia Jax, The Bella’s and more.

Total Bellas returning for third season

E! revealed that “Total Bellas” will be getting a third season on the network this spring, including a video trailer teaser for the new season.

The trailer teases possible issues between Nikki Bella and John Cena.


  1. Interesting notes by the girls… I felt the same way. This big moment for all these wwe female superstars at the Rumble… Asuka wins after an amazing Rumble and suddenly she becomes a quick after thought as Ronda comes out. Nothing against Rousey as she seems to be very passionate about wrestling and honestly wants to be there, but I think her placement left a lot to be desired. She could have debut the night after on Raw or before the Rumble and worst… but don’t have a non wwe girl in the biggest moment to this point of woman wrestling trump 30 others whom have been doing this for years!

  2. Totally agree- stile the mo,emt. If I said it once I said it a thousand times- WWE has got damaged goods- they got a person who had her 15 mins of fame and will be remembered in MMA by getting her ass handed to her in her last two bouts.

  3. If the tweets are a work then this could turn out pretty good. I mean, it seems pretty much certain she’ll be booked as lady-Brock eventually but having the other women band together and collectively beat the shit out of her for a while means nobody really loses any shine and gives her some sympathy.

    I agree that maybe they should have revealed her closer to Wrestlemania once she’s done filming her movie and can be around full time, but at the same time I don’t think this took any attention away from the Rumble; you still had one of the big 4 PPVs being main evented and closed by women wrestlers for (I think) the first time. Wind the clock back to the late 2000s; would anyone have believed that could ever happen?

  4. It’s a catch 22 as they probably wouldn’t have been the main event if Rousey’s debut wasn’t planned as part of it!

  5. Undefeated for as long as she was and what she did to break the glass ceiling for women in MMA, I’d hardly describe her as a one hit wonder (aka. 15 minutes) BUT I agree (or at least it seems) she is still really struggling with those losses and will carry some of that in with her. Either way WWE will make the money back many times over based on her name (look at the media coverage they already got) alone before the interest dies down and Rhonda will get to do something she loves – the fans who want to see it also win – hardly a lose for anyone here!

  6. I don’t see Triple R (too soon?) as a 15min MMA’er. She brought the women’s division into the main stream. She’s badass. It’s a great signing by the WWE and she definitely has attraction power.

    The difference between her and Brock Lesnar though, is that Brock was a wrestler first. Both Olympic style and WWE.

    Rhonda has a lot of work to do to prepare for this. She’s green with respects to women’s pro wrestling and I can understand how all the women felt upstaged.

    That said, Trish at #30 was also a bit of upstaging. There was a ton of nostalgia in that women’s rumble, that, while tolerable, still, in my opinion, was a bit much.

  7. You are wrong there were other women before her- the only thing that made Rhonda more popular than let’s say Cyborg was because she was the pretty blond hair blue eye lady that was easy on the eye. She was fed cupcakes until she faced real challenges and got her ass handed to her big time.

  8. Ronda appearing was totally rushed and not needed- it took all the attention away from Aska who needed to be built up and should have enjoyed her victory. Ronda could have been just effectiove showing up on Raw- bad booking.
    Now the WWE has 2 foreign japs who can barely speak english that will be main eventing Wrestlemania

  9. I don’t think it was rushed at all; Royal Rumble is likely to be their most watched event before Wrestlemania and you’d want that reveal to happen in a way that’ll get the maximum number of people interested and buying Wrestlemania/The Network.

    Secondly, yeah it wasn’t great that it overshadowed Asuka winning the rumble but they have 3 months to build her up. I don’t get people bitching about Rousey saying they’ll bury the whole women’s division. Why would they? If they have one woman they treat like a megastar and they treat the rest like jobbers who would she face? Why would people pay money to see her fight? I think this puts more eyes than ever on the women’s division and what will it mean for the first person to beat her? She may have lost her last 2 UFC fights but Lesnar’s win/loss record was even worse and WWE make you believe he’s invincible.

    Finally, for a start I very much doubt Nakamura or Asuka will close the show, it’ll probably be Reigns/Lesnar to the delight of no-one. And “Foreign Japs”? The . is this, 1945? Asuka and Nakamura don’t need great English skills to get over. Jack Swagger and Jinder Mahal were both English speaking main eventers. Would you rather see them fighting for titles at the biggest show of the year? Nakamura/Styles is a sure thing because if you’ve seen them at Wrestlekingdom 10 you know how well they work together, and if you’ve followed NXT you know Asuka has never lost, which means I for one want to see what happens to her at ‘Mania to see if her 2 and a half year long undefeated streak ends.

  10. I have been following wrestling probably longer than you have been alive. Do you know why Jimmy Snuka never was WWF champion? Remember, Snuka was way ahead of the game- he had the physique, the skills, but he wasn’t great on the mic. Vince likes his world champions to have great mic skills.
    Neither Nakumara or Aska have mic skills and both probably know less than 100 english words between them and yes they are japs so I am not being racist.
    Also, the undefeated streak it’s an old stupid gimmick that gets tired- and its only believable if you have huge wrestlers that look unbeatable- Andre the Giant used the gimmick for decades, Goldberg used it well also, but it’s stupid to use an “undefeated” gimmick on someone like Aska b/c she’s not physically threatening -it would be the equivalent of using an undefeated streak with Rey Mysterio- no one would buy that crap.
    Finally, Rhonda is yesterday’s news- I am a diehard MMA fan and right now I can count 7 female MMA fighters that would destroy her- again the only reason why she was so popular in MMA is because she’s also a fairly good looking chic so she had sex appeal- there’s always been better fighters than Rousey she dodged Cyborg for years.

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