Matt Hardy is reporting that Matt Hardy is now officially listed as the trademark owner for the terms Broken Matt, Brother Nero, Broken Brilliance and Vanguard 1.

According to the report, Impact Wrestling President Ed Nordholm signed an agreement on January 8 handing over all ownership rights to Hardy. Two days later, Hardy shared a smiling photo with Nordholm on Twitter.

As of January 31, all four trademarks now belong to Matt Hardy going forward and he is now within legal rights to use them as he sees fit.

Hardy has been using the term “Woken” in WWE since early December.


  1. Upper management have been handling this nothing short of a joke. He doesn’t have the audience now and loses to a regular basis to Bray Wyatt and Elias. Way to push him.

  2. This happened WAY too late! WWE destroyed this guy. Matt (with Jeff) recieved the loudest pop at last year’s Wrestlemania. The “broken” character was the biggest thing going, and it took less than 10 months for WWE to tear it down. No one cares now, and I think this ruins Matt’s career permanently cause I doubt he’ll be able to rejuvenate any interest in his character the way he did with his Broken persona. Him & Jeff should have stayed in ROH.

  3. And crush it on the independents once he parts ways with WWE in the future (or after his contract expires). They were doing very well on the Indies and were the most popular talent on WM weekend at indy events and signings (including names like Flair, HBK, etc.) and I was in awe of how insane their popularity was first hand. It’ll be the same again and this character fits perfectly in the smaller venues and people love cheering delete when not in the bigger arenas and love nostalgia so I agree, WWE won’t handle this gimmick well (as proven already) BUT for Matt and family, it’ll certainly serve him well long term. FYI, part of the problem with WWE not capitalizing on the character is TNA had everyone involved (even the gardner) and I believe if WWE went that route, they would more than recoup the costs in merchandise but again, no matter what – it’s good news for Matt and team.

  4. They’ll be okay on the Indies once they part ways with WWE in the future. They have always crushed it in the Indies and the fans in the smaller venues will embrace the broken stuff big time then. Agree completely that it ruins his “WWE” career but not his indy career. That said, they are both very comfortable (him and Jeff) financially so this contract with WWE could perhaps be his last run?

  5. pretty stupid gimmick..oaoaoaooaoaaahhh ive lost it, now im stronger and can wrestle better and beat all of you oaoaooohoaohahohoahaaa … ah pls give me a break & go back to the indies

  6. Who cares? WWE has accomplished their goal of making a mockery of the Broken character. I’ve never been more embarrassed watching Matt and Bray stand in the ring laughing back and forth at each other for what seemed an eternity. Total stupidity. I dread to see how WWE treats EC3 and Ricochet.

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